What is a Montréal-style bagel?

It’s been known for decades that Montréal-style bagels are the best and we proudly produce them the authentic way.
One question remains unanswered though: what is a Montréal-style bagel?

Montréal-style bagel is a unique bagel with a sweet, crispy golden crust and a denser and slightly malty dough. All our bagels are cooked in sweet water as the first cooking step. Subsequently, our bagels are sprinkled with our whole sesame seeds that will release, when baking on the hearth of the oven, their essential oils delivering a slightly nutty flavor.

At Maguire bakery, we re-built on production equipment to respect the artisanal process of our authentic bagels. By re-designing our equipment, we were able to preserve our original bagel baking process rather than having to transform it to adapt to the industrial equipment. IN doing so we were able to obtain an Intellectual property for the manufacturing process. That’s why our bagels are authentic.

We are the largest manufacturer of Montreal style bagels in North America. We produce on average 12,000 bagels per hour.