What is a Montréal-style Bagel?

Montréal-style bagels are loved the world over and we proudly produce ours the authentic, good old-fashioned way. But what exactly is a Montréal-style bagel? Try one for yourself and you’ll find out!

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Montréal-style bagels are a unique bagel with a sweet, crispy golden crust and a dense, slightly malty dough. All our bagels are cooked in sweet water and sprinkled with whole sesame seeds that release their slightly nutty natural oils when baked on the hearth of our oven.
At Chef Frankie Bakery, we rebuilt the production equipment to remain true to our original, artisanal baking process rather than choosing a more industrial process. And in doing so, we secured Intellectual Property rights for our unique manufacturing process—another key ingredient that makes our bagels and bagelwichs’ so authentic.
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What’s more, we’re the largest manufacturer of Montréal-style bagels in North America, producing on average 16,000 bagels per hour!