A history of Passion

Thirty years of expertise and innovation dedicated to the artisanal and industrial bakery!

Chef Frankie opened the first authentic Montreal-style bagel shop, baked in a wood oven in Québec city in 1988. Today, Maguire Bakery’s mission is to produce artisan-style baked goods in an industrial environment while meeting the highest standards of quality in the business.

Chef Frankie is always on the lookout for consumers’ desires for a healthy lifestyle and is constantly innovating with his range of bakery products. Whether it be our authentic Montréal-style bagel, the unique Bagelwich, (our famous bagel without a hole) or our new range of Minis you will find that they can be enjoyed at any time of the day for any meal occasions.

L’histoire d’une passion

François Joyet


We are BRC certified since 2013, which is recognized as the highest World Standard for Food Safety.

Maguire Bakery is the industry leader with its innovative line of healthy and tasty bakery products. Our products will meet the consumers’ needs with regards to labeling.