In The Respect of Tradition

Continuing a tradition of excellence that began in 1988 in its artisanal bakery located on Maguire Avenue in Quebec. Maguire Bakeries still produces the authentic Montreal style Bagel in a wood burning oven.

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What is a Montréal-style bagel?

It’s been known for decades that Montréal-style bagels are the best and we proudly produce them the authentic way. One question remains unanswered though: what is a Montréal-style bagel?

Our Values

Our values are at the heart of everything we do at Maguire Bakery.

Work with Us

Joining the team of Maguire Bakery is associating yourself with an employer that has the well-being of his employees at heart.

A history of Passion

Thirty years of expertise and innovation dedicated to the artisanal and industrial bakery!
Chef Frankie opened the first authentic Montreal-style bagel shop, baked in a wood oven in Québec city in 1988.